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ENT Conditions

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Locally, it is very common to hear patients complain that they have ‘sinus’. Usually this means thatthey have symptoms of nasal stuffiness, a runny nose and itching at various times throughout theday that can disrupt their day to day activities.

Snoring may cause apnea. May cause death. Asian couple That the wife must endure the behav

Snoring is a common thing. Many people have had to put up with family members or bed partners that snore every night. It is usually seen as a normal occurrence and something that is disruptive, but not harmful.

….but what if snoring itself can be a threat to your life?

Image by National Cancer Institute

Cancers are cells in the body that have forgotten how to behave normally and grow out of control. This can allow them to grow into normal tissue and spread to other parts of the body and take root. All cancers are malignant, meaning they have the potential to cause serious complications and potentially lead to the end of a persons’ life should they be left alone.

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